Exporting to Mexico

  • World class trader: 7th importer / 8th exporter
  • Second largest trading partner of the U.S.: increased share in U.S. imports: from 7.4% in 1994 to 11.00 in 2003
  • Fourth recipient of FDI among emerging economies and second in Latin America; since 1994 Mexico has received over $139.7 billion dollars in foreign direct investment
  • Dynamic export performance
  • Improved access to international markets
  • Competitive production costs and skilled labor force
  • Strengthened democratic governance
  • Increasing international activism
  • New federalism
  • Budgetary continuity

Mexico is today a leading economy in the world. Characterized by a booming domestic market and a dynamic export performance, Mexico is the front runner in Latin America.

Mexico’s GDP accounts for 633 billion dollars. The economy is supported by a skilled and young labor force; in fact Mexico’s privileged demographical conditions allows for an increased young population to spur economic growth.

Positioned as the second largest U.S. trading partner, Mexico has increased its share in U.S. imports from 7% in 1994 to 11 in 2003; while standing as fourth recipient of foreign direct investment among emerging economies.